As you probably have already seen on other pages, we work on a P4P model (Pay-for-Performance) which means we are very picky about the clients we work with. As of this writing, we will only take on one new client per year. (If you want to be considered, contact us and we can talk more about that.)

We will, however, work with new clients on a purely consulting role.┬áThis works for companies that may not have an in-house CMO/VP of Marketing or for companies that are just so busy with the day-to-day workloads that an experienced marketing leader, with an outsider’s perspective, is needed to move things forward. This typically translates into a marketing plan. Ongoing consultations and follow-up can be included. With this approach, the Gunter Agency doesn’t do the actual creative work. We’ll write up a creative brief that can be handed off to the creative team. We can help you find an agency to do the actual work, or we have some preferred partners that we can recommend.