The Gunter Agency is a small advertising agency on the outskirts of Madison, WI. Our offices are upstairs in a shopping center. (We literally are above the grocery store and have windows where we can watch shoppers, so shoplifters beware!)

We recently partnered up with the Sugar River Trading Company to create Sugar River Marketing. This specialty company works with small manufacturers combining marketing with sales, warehousing and distribution.

Most ad agencies have some areas of expertise, and we’re no different:

We have a long history of working in agriculture where we’ve helped companies grow. We must be doing something right. We’ve helped two different established companies double their sales in the first five years working with us. We have another company where we increased sales every year for ten years and the last year had a 35% increase, making them their category leader. We have another company that we’re working that has seen increases every year including a 20% growth last year with their key product.

We’ve worked with some of the world’s top brands creating ads, in-store materials, packaging and more. Our work has helped established new sales records for these companies.

Food & Beverage
We also have quite a bit of experience in the food and beverage world. From soda and beer to cheese and baking items. Our fun approach to cheese increased store participation by 500% in two years. Our beer advertising was lauded by the Chicago Tribune as “some of the best beer advertising on TV”.

We have a history of partnering brands with musical talent to create attention-getting promotions and advertising. We also work with musicians to develop materials for their audiences. (But musicians please don’t get confused, we are not a management or booking agency.)

Expecting more? Yes our website is a little bare right now, we’re working on something special and should be done by the end of the summer. In the meantime, feel free to contact us at:  |  608-424-0264

1029 River Street  |  Suite A  |  Belleville, WI 53508