The Gunter Agency


What we do
We believe that branding and sales are of equal importance. Your company’s worth is centered around the good will that your brand creates. At the same time, no company succeeds without sales. Many agencies like to concentrate on one or the other, we look at both.

Companies we work with
We are very particular about the companies that we work with. We have the luxury of being picky about that. Our criteria for working with someone includes:

• No committees. We work with decision-makers.
• Honesty. We do not create advertising that can mislead.
• Have some fun. This should be fun, we get to be creative and help people.

We are not actively looking for new agency accounts. (If you’re a small manufacturer, visit Sugar River Marketing, that is an area that we are wanting to expand.) However, we are always open to have a conversation. (Especially if you do fall into one of our specialty categories.)

Give back
Over the years, we’ve donated hundreds of thousands of dollars in-kind to good causes. We tend to limit our work to a few select organizations every year. If you are interested in our agency helping your non-profit, contact us and we will fill you in on the process. Typically we start working with new organization starting January 1.

The Mascot Project
The Gunter Agency has a standing offer that if any U.S. school voluntarily changes their mascot from a Native American icon/name, that we will help develop a new icon/name at no charge.