This last year our ad agency celebrated our 20th year in business. And with that, we’ve pretty much decided to blow things up and start over.

You see, for years we’ve helped clients see amazing growth. We’re talking consistent double digit annual growth, sometimes in industries that were seeing overall declines. We have multiple examples of companies that doubled their sales in five years time (including one company that saw a 9-digit sales growth.) We’ve taken companies from obscurity to being the leaders in their industry.

And after awhile of seeing all of that growth, you have to ask yourself….why do we keep making other companies very, very rich? Multiple times we’ve seen companies grow so much that they’ve added in-house marketing staff and we’ve ended up losing work. Our ad agency would have been better off if the clients were less successful. Kind of stupid, huh?

The New Agency Model

So we’ve decided to change our business model entirely. First we acquired an established manufacturing and distribution company that needed some marketing help. And within two years we’ve seen a 40% increase in sales. We figured we know how to make businesses grow, so we might as well own the business.

And now our company is partnering up with other companies to help them grow. This can be a literal partnership where we become part of the ownership. We’ll also can develop a pay-for-performance model where we may not be legal partners, but partner in the successes of the company. We get paid when the company gets paid. We no longer work in the traditional ad agency project or hourly business model. And because we only make money when our client is successful, we are certainly pickier about who we work with.

Who This Works For

This approach won’t work for most businesses. We’re guessing probably more than 99% of companies out there can’t make this work. But if you’re a small manufacturer that makes a good product but are having problems with sales and marketing, perhaps we can do something for you. (And remember, we have our own warehouse and distribution network through the manufacturing company we own.) We’re also partnering with a real estate development company and we get paid when the houses are sold. We’re working with a financial services company and get equity when we bring in new business. And we’re working with a company with patented technology and we get paid when we find them a buyer.

To find out more, contact Randy Gunter. 608-424-0264.